works mainly with identified and presumed
victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

About Us

Iroko started by offering direct support to people in need in terms of help finding jobs and places to live, as well as negotiating their way through the health services. Later we also got involved in work against trafficking and sexual exploitation at an international level, which is where we first came into contact with the idea and the movement around abolitionism, which we then brought back to Italy to begin the local network.

Esohe was always a passionate advocate for women and children, but not specifically for victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. She started her career in Law, studying, working and teaching in the field in Nigeria for several years.




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Increased access to education: By providing free access to computers and the internet, a free ICT program can give people the opportunity to learn new skills, access educational resources, and pursue higher education. This can help to close the digital divide and give more people the opportunity to succeed.


Networking: Seminars are used as an opportunity for people working on the issue of human trafficking to come together and share information and best practices. This can help to build a stronger, more coordinated response to the problem; trainng people who are likely to come into contact with victims of human trafficking

Improved job prospects: Vocational training can help people to develop the skills and knowledge they need to secure better-paying and more fulfilling jobs. This can give them greater financial independence and the ability to provide for themselves and their families, network and connect with others who are interested in the same field.

Our Mission Statement

IROKO works to combat inequality by supporting victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation to establish independent and dignified lives and by campaigning for the abolition of the sex industry in order to prevent such exploitation and indignity in the future.

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